Sneaker Fever


Hello friendsssss! Okay, so this post is kind of a big deal to me because: I bought COOL sneakers! A few years back, I was super into materialistic items. I spent boatloads of money on unnecessary purchases that I could have saved or spent on useful things. While attending a fashion institute, (FIDM), there was a lot of pressure of keeping up with the next big thing. There would always be that new statement piece/purse/whatever it was, that all the celebrities were wearing. At one point in my life, I wanted those items and I wanted to seem to other people that I was trendy and wealthy. Surrounding myself with the friends I made there helped me understand that it isn’t about about the things in life- it’s about the experiences.

I now appreciate things I already have in my life, instead of wanting what I don’t. I learned to mix and match the pieces I already had in my closet. And now when I shop for clothes, I always buy fashion pieces that are timeless which I know I’ll still wear five years from now. Also, a little reminder, trends go in and out FAST. Some styles are just fads, so when you want to buy something super trendy, try to find a cheaper version of the item because it will be out of season before you know it. But don’t forget, it’s good to splurge every once in a while, but don’t make it a habit. 😉

Christmas came a little early this year. What I mean by that is I rewarded myself because I’ve been working so hard to get myself motivated back to blogging again. I bought myself some sneaks, but not just any kind of sneaks – the one and only Adidas NMD R1’s. Lately, I’ve been into sneakers because back in July, I started training at my local gym. I owned one pair of sneakers at the time and they were worn out from walking the streets of Downtown LA. I have a younger sister (Sara) who’s a shoe fanatic. She always tags me in Instagram shoe pictures so I’ve been doing my research on what is “in” at the moment. This past September, Sara celebrated her 14th birthday. She of course made a list of all the presents she wanted and posted it on every door in our house. On the list were a few pairs of sneakers and one of them was the Adidas NMD R1’s in pink. At the time, this color shoe was so popular that they were nowhere to be found. Now, you can find them on eBay and other websites for basically hundreds of dollars. I really wanted to get these shoes for her for Christmas, but the only store that sells them, Flight Club, didn’t have her size. I spent a few days trying to find these pink shoes and finally gave up. The next day Sara and I were wandering around the mall and we found ourselves in footlocker. That day we went to the mall; Adidas launched a new set of their NMD R1 sneakers! The store only had a few pairs left, so we both snagged them while we could get our hands on them. The Universe was so on our side that day. Thanks Universe!!!

If anyone else was looking to buy a pair, the links will be down below! Also, don’t make fun of my poor little goose bumps! It was 33 degrees out when I took these pictures! 😛


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