The New Me

IMG_4396If you have been following me on BlogSpot before discovering this blog, I hope that you choose to stay and are open to a new and improved me.

A few months back, I started my previous blog. I was more than happy with the progress, but didn’t like where it was heading. After some major realization I took a break from blogging and sharing my life on social media to get to know myself a little better and to figure out what is most important to me. Taking the time to live a healthy and happy life is a huge goal of mine and is what I look forward to most with turning a year older and getting a new start with this new year to do so. Hope has always remained part of my heart and it continues to grow with me as I continue to grow myself. I am beyond excited to be typing these words for you and with my birthday just passing, it brings me bliss to begin another year the healthy way.

Starting this new blog gives me chances not only to share the experiences I’ve been through but to also learn from others along the way. My hope is that we can grow together.

-xo Dana


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